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Design & Development

Your website is the face of your business. When people hear about you, the first thing they’ll do is hit google. What happens next?

Can they find you?

When they land on that first page, what does it say about your business? If it loads slow, doesn’t work on mobile or just looks really ugly, what does that say about what you’re like to work with?

We build websites that look modern and professional, and are easy to navigate. They work just as well on mobiles as they do on desktop (a must these days for good SEO rankings).

So let’s make you a site that shows off your best side.


Modern, Clean, Simple

Clean and easy to navigate websites sell more products to more clients. People want to be able to find the information they need.


Custom Designs

Every business is different, and has different needs. I’ll design a unique website that will show all your business has to offer.


Fully Responsive

All my pages are responsive, meaning they will view well on a mobile, tablet, laptop or large screen monitor. Your page will look professional, keeping up with technology.


SEO Friendly

Each page has easy access for Google and all my sites are then set up with Google Analytics.


Securely Built

I use all best practices and host my sites on a premium host with daily backups.


Built For Your Strategy

The website is built to be a piece of your web strategy. Whether you’re running ads, using email marketing, or anything else. Your website will fit into your bigger vision.

Website Care Plans

Once your site is up and running, we’re still here and ready to help. You can choose to use our maintenance plan or you can choose to manage your site yourself and just call us in when you need some help.


Premium Hosting

Where your website lives matters. When hosting your website with me you can be confident that your website is safe, secure, & fast.


Regular Updates

Caring for your website is a full-time job these days. Let me worry about keeping things up to date while you do what you know best. 


Daily Backups

Your website is backed up daily, and stored in multiple locations so we’re prepared if, for any reason, your site goes down. 


Security Monitoring

Let’s face it, people do some nefarious things. That’s why I monitor your site for any and all security issues 24/7. 


Technical Support

In the event you need it, I’m here to help with your website should something go astray. All emails are answered within 24 to 48 hours. 


Website Changes

Need to change something on your website? Email me we’ll get it taken care of. Check out my hourly rates page for more info.